Tuesday, February 1, 2011

49ers Must Find Starting QB; Super Bowl XLV

Well, it's no secret to anyone who's followed the NFL, let lone watched this team play on a week-in-week-out basis, that they've been in need of a legit NFL quarterback since Jeff Garcia took his act out of town. I was never a huge Garcia fan, but the dude won football games here, and he's been the last QB to get it done consistently.

So, in comes Jim Harbough to try and turn this Niner offense into something functional, and first on his list of things to do has to be to find someone who can move around a little bit, make a tough throw when needed, and lead a football team in the 4th quarter when they have the lead. Unfortunately, the only man on their roster who's even managed a 4th quarter drive is 3rd stringer David Carr (no offense to Carr, but he's 3rd for a reason), and since Alex Smith isn't getting another opportunity as starter as a 49er again, it means somebody else will be behind center for the 49ers in 2011, and I think I speak for the majority of the "Faithful" when I say, FINALLY! However, before we can start popping the champagne corks just yet, there's still one huge obstacle to figure out between now and August, and that is who indeed will be at the helm for Coach Harbough. We discussed some of the better college candidates in short a few months back, although with their selection where it is, I don't see them going that route right now. I still like the game Jake Locker and a right-handed Steve Young and Mark Brunell. Still though, he's got his flaws, and I'm not sold on Ryan Mallett (and no way do I use a early round pick on a project like Cameron Newton. If The draft were today though, and the San Fran had a chance to grab Locker without having to give up too much, I may not be able to pass that up.

If they don't go through the draft, which seems most likely, that leaves free agency or the trade route as far as possible QB adds, and the free agent market, as we've discussed here, isn't exactly flooded. As far as it's concerned, Donovan McNabb leads the class, and would really be the only one I'd consider under the right terms. Problem is, there will be about 12 other teams with the same thought in mind which means the 49ers must decide and do it sooner rather than later, and figure if they want to approach a possible bidding war for McNabb. Vince Young should be right behind McNabb too in the un-employment line. He's younger, and in a new setting could take off, but have a hard time seeing a team commit to having him start for them. Then there's Marc Bulger and Seneca Wallace and the list just gets worse and worse.

Super Bowl Media Week Begins: We were going to talk a little more Super Bowl talk in this post but things have been pretty quiet thus far in Cowboy country. We had our first player prediction yelled out as Green Bay' stud CB guaranteed a win, and if you've been reading our blog lately, you know that I agree with him. Ben Roetheisberger is acting like he belongs in the Super Bowl lyme-light as he fits it so well and it's playing out like your typical, icey cold Super Bowl media week. The thing I don't agree with is the consensus going around that Ben Roethesberger is a better QB than Aaron Rogers. Now, this is a post for a whole new day, but as clutch as Ben is, I take Rogers hands down in this game, and unless their running game goes to crap, they should walk away the victors

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