Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Brings Big Change for 49ers

Well, I know it's not news fresh off the wire, and has been bantered around for a few days now, but after Mike Singletarry's firing, and with the potential pursuit of Eddie DeBartolo, we definitely wanted to get in our 2 cents, being a 49ers-based site and all.

As your well aware of by now, Mike Singletarry is done as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, and the Niners followed that move with the summoning of former 49ers Team President and NFL-Guru, Eddie DeBartolo, as a consultant to the General Manager. His main goal will be to help the Niners figure out their next head coach, as well as some possible draft input, as the Niners will be sitting pretty come April's draft. After wrapping up the season at 6-10, the 49ers should again find themselves back in the top-10 of the draft, giving them a shot at obtaining Andrew Luck if he does indeed decide to move on to the NFL this year. After his performance in the Orange Bowl, I don't think Luck has anything else to prove in college yet at the moment, Luck is leaning towards returning to Stanford for his Junior year next fall. He hasn't yet made any official announcement yet, but I'm sure he wants to try and bring a National Championship home to Palo Alto, and the Cardinal could be the favorites to do so in 2011, with the return of their star QB.

If they are unable to land the Orange Bowl-MVP, Luck, I'd look for the Niners to turn their attention towards either Arkansas' Ryan Mallet or Washinton's Jake Locker. I really like Locker's potential coming into this season, but he had an off-year in 2010, and struggled to complete over 50% of his passes. Still though, I think I would lean towards the more athletic Locker than the big-armed, big-bodied Ryan Mallet (6'7", 240 pounds). The 49ers need to add a quarterback this offseason, and I really don't see them doing that through free-agency. There aren't going to be many quality guys available in free agency either, so I think their best chance at getting their QB of the future will indeed be in the first round of this upcoming draft.

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