Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bay Area Sports Blog Network

The Bay Area Sports Blog Network was created in 2009 and currently consists of 3 Bay Area Sports Blogs:

The Giants Baseball Blog: The Giants Baseball Blog, http://giantsbaseballblog.blogspot.com, was created in 2005 by Trevor Cole. It was basically the founding blog of BASBN, and it focuses only on the San Francisco Giants, their organization, as well as some other major issues involving Major League Baseball. It is the longest running blog with BASBN, and is one of the most popular San Francisco Giants Blogs on the Internet according to Google (PR 5 as of 12/13/11) and other publications. Check it out for news, analysis and hard nosed opinions on everything dealing with the San Francisco Giants organization.

The Warriors Rundown
: The Warriors Rundown, http://warrriorsrundown.blogspot.com, was created in January 2008, and has been rapidly growing ever since. This blog focuses on the Golden State Warriors and the NBA and runs year round. It's mostly written, edited and ran by Trevor Cole, with occasional posts from Brian N. Wright. (A PR 3 site as of 12/13/11)

The Bay Area Sports Journa
l: The Bay Area Sports Journal, http://baysportsjournal.blogspot.com, is the newest addition to the B.A.S.B.N. This blog will cover anything and everything going on in the bay area sports world, while giving a bay area sports fans perspective on the rest of the sporting world. If I had to choose one sport and team in the Bay Area that we cover the most, especially during the winter, were a psuedo-49ers site. But check it out for the latest news on the Giants, 49ers, A's, Raiders, Warriors and Sharks as well Stanford and Cal sports as well as Trevor's opinion on the big news involving MLB, NBA, NFL . Ran and written by Trevor Cole. (A PR 3 site as of 12/13/11).

Update: BASBN is also in the midst of adding video as well to their columns, which is already underway @ UnifySports.TV!