Friday, February 4, 2011

BASJ'S Super Bowl XLV Prediction

So, like thousands of sports blogs across the nation will be doing this weekend, I'm set to make my prediction for who wins Super Bowl XLV this Sunday.

Now, if you read our last post, you already know where I'm standing. As far as these two teams are concerned, there hasn't been a more evenly matched Super Bowl in recent memory, at least in my opinion. Both of these teams bring similar style, smash-mouth, in-your-face and win-at-all-costs mentality (geese, how many more cliches can I come up with). But you get the point. Both QB's are won't leave this game unless it's on a stretcher. We've seen Aaron Rogers do some miraculous things while dealing with a threatening concussion issue, and even opposing linebackers will tell you they don't love the idea of getting "Big Ben" in the open field, cause he's bigger and stronger than a lot of those defensive players. Bottom line, both these guys are tough and will do all they possibly can to see that their team is hoisting the Lombardi trophy in the middle of Dallas Stadium. However, as I said in the last post, and as I predicted way back in August. Proof is right here in the NFL preview post, and never touched since, as you can tell by some of the other selections.

I'm still sticking with Green Bay, even with a running game that's far from complete and some nagging injuries throughout the roster. As much as I respect the Steelers and their tough way of playing this game, I think their run is coming towards an end. I like Reshard Mendenhall and that young Mike Wallace at wideout, but Hines Ward is slowing and that O-Line and defense are starting to age a bit. I think the Pack are basically a younger version of the Steelers, kinda like the '06 version or something, except they use the aerial attack rather than the bruising rushing game. In order for the Steelers to take this one, they have to eliminate the Packers run game early and get in Aaron Rogers face a lot. Then they have to hope Mendenhall can get going against the Packer stout front-7 and Roethlisberger can get through Chuck Woodson and int. machine Nick Collins... It just seems like too many things need to go right for Pittsburgh, but then again, I've seen Rogers come out and completely crap his pants, so if that happens, the Steelers could feast on him. I'm still sticking with my Pack pick in a good 'ol fashion Texas bruiser, 24-20.

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SteelCurtain said...

Bettin against Big Ben!

Tisk Tisk!!!

My guess ARog gets hurt in the first quarter and the Pack go into frenzy mode. Who's there backup again, Todd Collins?

Anonymous said...

Eff No.

The Steelers are walking wounded and their heyday has passed. You really think that slug Rothis-burger and that tired offense will beat that nasty Packers Defense?

Big Ben's magic is done.

I call blowout, it's Rogers' time and 'da Cheese win 31-14.