Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trade Deadline Targets for 49ers and Raiders

Well, here we are, entering week 6 and wouldn't you know it, both the 49ers and Raiders are not only in the thick of playoff contention, they're a couple of the better teams in the league through 5 weeks. Still, the NFL trade deadline comes on October 18th, and there are a few players on the block who could interest both San Fran and the Raiders.

Here are a few potential targets for each team, as well as what it may cost to obtain the (top priority has * with name):


QB Kyle Orton/Brady Quinn, Den.- This comes as a two headed monster, because either of these guys should be available now that Denver is putting all their cards in the Tim Tebow basket. Orton is obviously the better, more polished guy, but also would probably cost a lot more in return. Plus, he'd be a guy you'd look towards more if Smith had struggled through 5 weeks, and he's actually been a pleasant surprise. Still, they need a better backup, and Quinn could be a nice fit. As could Tampa's Josh Johnson.

CB Champ Bailey, Den- Get used to seeing Broncos, cause they're likely the team most likely to be selling. The 49ers obviously could use another hand at corner, and if they could get Bailey motivated, they could cash in on him in final 12 weeks. Problem is, his contract is undesirable and he has been declining.

*WR Brandon Lloyd, Den*: Now he's a guy who can really make an impact on this offense if the 49ers could figure out a way to get #84 back in town. Only difference between now and 6 years ago is that he's learned the game and is a dynamic play maker who can go down field while opening up the middle for Crabtree. He's a Pro-Bowl talent, and the 49ers haven't produced a pro bowl wideout since T.O. Percy Harvin would be my first choice as far as possible names who could be dealt before October 18th, but highly doubt Minny gives him up without getting back a 1st rounder or someone like Aldon Smith or Navarro Bowman. A top rate receiver who can help out Crabtree and Davis could do wonders for this offense though and Lloyd is a perfect fit! Honestly, an add like Lloyd and maybe one of these DB's listed to San Fran and you not only have the NFC West favorites, but a legit contender in an unpredictable NFC. (Remember some of the catches he'd make while with San Fran?) He's almost worth parting with a 2nd round pick, especially on the off hand you keep him around after the year. I just think he, Crabtree, Davis (and when healthy) Edwards would be a sight for sore eyes!

CB Marcus Trufant, Seattle- Doubt the Seahawks send him inside the division, but he could be a huge upgrade to this secondary if he stays healthy. On pace for pro-bowl year, and would be dynamite next to Rogers. I've always liked Trufant and would definitely consider offering up bright young safety Reggie Williams, along with a mid-round pick.

RB Reggie Bush, Mia-
It's sad that NFL coaches seemingly have wasted Reggie's talent, believe it or not. Maybe he could come in and help Frank Gore on 3rd downs and provide another solid outlet for Alex Smith. I really think Harbough would know how to utilize the unique pass-catching back, and he could allow the 49ers to open up the playbook and get creative.


*CB Antoine Winfield, Minnesota*- Either him, Bailey, or Trufant would be welcome additions to a below average secondary giving up 300 yards through the air per week. It's the one area where the Raiders are constantly getting burned, yet they do have a some solid play makers back there. Winfield is having a pro-bowl type year and the Vikings are going nowhere. Maybe the Raiders can unload a young receiver like the super talented, yet never healthy, Luis Murphy. I could really see a match here if these two teams were serious, and they should. Sticking Murphy next to Percy Harvin amplifies the Viking passing attack and Winfield only has 12 weeks left under contract.

TE Anthony Fasano, Miami- Kevin Boss has not translated well in replacing Zach Miller's aerial production, and Fasano could be one of the best receiving tight ends on the market. He'd be a huge upgrade over Boss as the starter and would allow Kevin to move into a more comfortable, blocking-oriented TE2 role. I almost selected Fasano as a potential top-target over Winfield, but the Raiders have enough options in the passing game, and although he's not great, Boss is a serviceable player.

OLB Joey Porter, Arizona- The Raiders are still reeling a bit at linebacker, as evident by their acquisition of Aaron Curry (more below). Porter hasn't had a great year in Arizona, but something tells me a move back to his home town and playing for the Raiders would ignite him. He's a perfect fit for the Raiders hard-nosed defense, and can really, really help improve that team against the run.

They Raiders could also use another wide receiving option for Jason Campbell, although Denarious Moore and Darrius Heyward-Bey are starting to come into their own, and Murphy and Chaz Schillens are more than capable. Again, a rock-solid DB could help solidify the secondary, but a plus-pass catching TE is something Campbell really needs to be at the top of his game. Maybe Boss is the guy, but it hasn't showed yet.... As for the guy they already picked up, Aaron Curry, I absolutely love it, as it's another no risk, potentialy huge reward type pickup grabbing a 23 year-old former former #4 pick. I think he had such high expectations, that people got so down on him that he doubted himself, so a change of scenery should be ideal. I think this is the perfect type of project player for the Raiders to take on and he couldn't be coming in at a better time with all the injuries on the defensive side. Another guy the Silver and Black should look into too for help with pass rush is the ancient Jayson Taylor (assuming he can pass a physical that is). The Raiders are getting burnt through the air so two things need to improve, and that's coverage by the DB's and some more pass rush up front!

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The Faithful 1 said...

If the 49ers got Brandon Lloyd back, they'd stamp their ticket to the playoffs. This guy is the most underrated receiver and has been great with an average QB. No reason why he can't do the same with Alex Smith.

I love this suggestion... Where can we e-mail Trent Baalke and Jim Harbough!!!!