Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morgan Hits IR, Leaves 49ers Reeling at WR

One of the last guys this offense could afford to lose looks like he'll be down for the rest of the year after wideout Josh Morgan injured his shoulder in Sunday's game, prompting surgery and an immediate trip to the IR. This has big time impact on a Niner offense that was just starting to get it's identity.

What makes this loss even harder to swallow, is that free agent acquisition Braylon Edwards has been hobbled by injury and isn't coming around too quickly on that front. Not to mention, the one guy who is healthy enough to suit up is reeling as well. Now Michael Crabtree is having issues with both his feet and will likely take it easy at practice this week, though he should play. This team really needs to Edwards to heal quickly, because he can really soften the blow of losing Morgan for the year. He was developing decent chemistry with Alex Smith and Smith is having far and away his best season as a pro, so Edwards could be thriving if he can get heatlhy soon. Otherwise, they really will have no other choice but to bring in at least one free agent wideout. Ted Ginn and Kyle Williams are serviceable, but the 49ers are 4-1 and all the sudden have expectations, so they would at least like another proven guy lining up with Crabtree until Edwards is 100%. The name of the week has been T.J. Houshmanzadeh, as the former Steeler/Raven and Seahawk showed up at Niner camp this week for a tryout. I have just a little skepticism thinking about Edwards and Housh on the same sideline, though Edwards has appeared to be a solid leader so far (probably because they're winning).

All in all though, Housh does have talent and could immediately help this team, and he's probably the best guy out there who they could realistically get (sorry T.O. or Moss wishers). He could help out while Edwards recovers then move into the slot when Edwards returns to keep the 49ers offense full of weapons. Again, T.J. is not done, just not quite sure if the 49ers take a chance on him. Another two guys I'd give a look see at, again health permitting, are Antonio Bryant (has a rapore with Alex already). I know he's had some personal issues in the past, but I can't see why Bryant isn't employed with the talent he has unless he's hurt.

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Jeff Mort-415 said...

I don't question the talent of Housh and Bryant, but there is good reason by nither are playing for an NFL team right now. Granted, the WR spot is deep in the NFL, both those guys are former pro-bowl caliber guys.

I guess if I had a choice between the two, I'd go Housh, just because he played last year and Bryant didn't. Also, TJ averaged 1,000 yards and 7 TD's between '06-'09. I think he'd be a sneaky good WR2 with defenses focusing mostly on Crabtree, Davis and Walker. Then when Braylon is back to 100% (probably not until sometime in November) Your looking at a nice 1-2-3 WR group.

However you dice it, the 49ers need to add someone now that they have expectations, and I'll be very upset if it's a guy like Kevin Curtis or Hank Baskett. Too bad they missed out on Laurent Robinson, he would have been a perfect deep threat.