Thursday, March 8, 2012

49ers Should Strongly Consider Manning

If you would have suggested this to me a month ago, I would have said no thank you, but the more and more I research it, and the good things I keep hearing about Manning's increasing health made me ponder just what if Manning where to come aboard the 49ers train and become their new starting QB? The 49ers have offered Alex Smith 3 years and $3oM (not a typo) and could probably have Manning for a year or two at or around the minimum with a bunch of incentives built in.

Anyway, I did a show and you'll see some of the comparisons between Manning and Smith in the video and you can just go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the video section to see it. I would certainly have interest in bringing in Manning if I'm the 49ers, especially if he's healthy. Heck, even Manning at 90% is better than most QB's in the NFL. I would much rather give Manning the 1 or 2 year minimum than reward Smith by overpaying him by about double what he's really worth. I mean, he had a great game against New Orleans in the playoffs, but one could argue that they were one of the worst defenses in all the NFL. Imagine if the 49ers got a healthy Manning on board, then added his buddy Reggie Wayne to play opposite of Crabtree? Now we're talking an offense! I'd also look into adding another vertical threat at wideout, but first things first. The 49ers need to figure out the QB situation and the sooner the better. And if it's not Alex, it better be Peyton!

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