Friday, January 6, 2012

Wild Card Weekend Predictions

I just wanted to jump in real quickly with my picks for this weekends NFL Wild Card matchups, guessing both the winning team and final score for each game with a brief reason as to why.

AFC WILD CARD Predictions

Houston 23 over Cinicinnati 17

In a defensive battle, with two young QB's and WR's with with injury concerns, the Texans get the advantage because A - They're at home and B - They have the best RB duo in the league and an early lead could spell trouble for Cinci. Andre Johnson needs to be healthy (looks like he is) and pose at least a threat for Cinci's corners to back off though and keep 8 out of the box, otherwise they could shut down Foster and Tate.

Pittsburgh 21, over Denver 13

I just don't see Tebow dicing through the Pitt. defense, even if they are banged up, and even if Ben Roethlisberger isn't 100%. Still though, without Rashard Mendenhall, the Pittsburgh is looking like the surest bet to be 1 and done. Even if Denver wins, the winner of this game is doomed next week!

NFC WILD CARD Predictions

New Orleans 38, Detroit 31

In a shootout in the Bayou, I see Drew Brees and Co. walking away the victors. The only way Detroit can get to them is if they get Kevin Smith going like he did that one game a few weeks back and Matt Stafford is perfect. Otherwise, it's tough to see Brees lose a playoff game vs. an average defense at home!

New York 28 over Atlanta 20

If this game were in Atl., I think the Falcons have a better shot, but I just am not a big fan of Matt Ryan on the road in the load Meadowlands environment. Not to mention, it'll be tough sledding for them to get any kind of run game going against the Giants defense which is finally healthy (last 2 games held Jets and Cowboys to combined 28 points and a combined 84 yards to starting RB's Shaun Green and Felix Jones. I see the Giants walking away the victors here, even though Atlanta won more games and is coming off a huge win in week 17!

Now we can look back Monday and see how terribly off I was!

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Trevor Cole said...

2 for 2 on Saturday, now lets see how Sunday shakes out. Still a little up in the air on ATL/NYG but sticking with Eli and the G-Men...

Unless Pitt shows up completely flat and Ben is useless, it would be one of the bigger upsets in recent NFL playoff history if the Steelers lose in Denver to a team with an option/run first QB that their LB's should have no problem with!