Saturday, September 10, 2011

NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Prediction

Just in time for kickoff on Sunday, here are BASJ's NFL Picks for this 2011 NFL season. With the akward, strike shortened training camp, teams who gelled well at the end of last year and stayed in-tact should be ahead of the curve. A few teams like that who I don't have on this list but would be next on my playoff tree are the Lions, Bears, Bucs, Giants Chiefs and of course, the Manning-less Colts (If he comes back for 2nd half and plays well, they'll be OK). But here's who I have as my picks at this point:

NFC Playoffs

Bye: Green Bay, Philadelphia

Wild Card Round:

Atlanta 27 - St. Louis 20

Dallas 37 - New Orleans 29

NFC Divisional Round

Philadelphia Eagles 31 - Dallas Cowboys 17

Green Bay Packers 24 - Atlanta Falcons 20

NFC Championship

Philadelphia Eagles 26 - Green Bay Packers 21

I love the Eagles as long as they stay healthy this year. It's a given Vick will probably miss a few games just because of the style he plays, but if he plays 14+ games and McCoy and those recievers stay healthy, they're tough to stop. Then on defense, they're stacked all around. Green Bay should give them a nice run but I don't think Rogers will pass as freely vs. them as Green Bay would like and they don't have that dependent running game yet. It's a close call though. I also like Dallas this year too... They're my wild-card to take the NFC Championship!

AFC Playoffs

Bye: Pittsuburgh, New England

Wild Card Round:

San Diego Chargers 28 - Baltimore Ravens 16

Houston Texans 27 - New York Jets 24

Divisional Round:

Pittsburgh Steelers 31 - Houston Texans 20

San Diego Chargers 38- New England Patriots 35

AFC Championship:

San Diego Chargers 21 - Pittsburgh Steelers 17

I really like San Deigo this year with a hungry Vince Jackson and Ryan Mathews. Their defense holds the key though, they need to improve in order to hold off elite teams like the Steelers and Patriots and I think they can, plus everyone is picking Pittsburgh and I want to go a different route. For the Super Bowl though, I have to go with the team I think will just be too tough to stop this year:


Philadelpia Eagles 27 - San Diego Chargers 17

Again, as long as that core stays healthy, with Asomugha covering guys with the rest of that secondary and pass rush, they'll be virtually impossible to pass against. So teams will have to beat them on the ground first and they're pretty good there too. If Vick or McCoy go down though, so do the Eagles chances. And if you feel like you know who's going to win the big game this year, put your money where your mouth is at 2nd half betting picks!

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