Friday, June 17, 2011

Warriors Hire Jackson, Shift Focus to Draft

Well, it's not breaking news to anyone who follows the Warriors closely, but since we've been so wrapped up in baseball lately, we just haven't had a chance to touch on it yet.

The Warriors now have hired their 3rd head coach in as many seasons as their first attempt to replace Don Nelson with Kieth Smart last season didn't go as planned. In comes Mark Jackson, the former Indiana Pacers point guard who has been a basketball analysis on cable and has stayed very much within the realm of the NBA since his playing days ended in the early 2000's. I think Jackson is a guy who could relate to the team very well, as he's been there and was a star NBA point guard himself not to long ago. After having the ancient Nelson and his protege Kieth Smart, I think the younger coach and new approach will be a sight for sore eyed Warrior fans. Still, Jackson has no coaching experience, and doesn't appear as if he's entertaining the idea of bringing on a big name assistant, Del Curry's name has been tossed out there as a possible assistant for Jackson, especially with his relationship with Warriors consultant Jerry West. I don't mind Jackson wanting all control of things, I actually see it as more confident than cocky. He has an idea of what this team should look like and he said all the right things during his press conference. Again though, only time will tell as to whether or not he'll pan out, but so far, so good as far as new coach Mark Jackson is concerned.

The Warriors now can turn their focus fully to the NBA draft, where they'll be selecting 11th in a few weeks. I really like that big Enes Canter out of Kentucky, as he's scaring away all competition in workouts. Top ranked Power Forward Derek Williams, who is essentially a lock in the top-3, refused any workout scenario that involved him going up against Kanter, which I think tells you a little something about the 6'11" 260 pound Kentucky center! But the guy I have my sight set on is the guy who was aguably college basketball's best post-presence in 2011, and that is Kansas' 6'9" PF, Marcus Morris. The Yahoo Mock draft has the advanced offensive post-player falling down to #10, just 1 slot below Golden State, if they can move up a spot or 2 to ensure they land this guy, I would be all for it. As far as Yahoo's Mock draft goes for the Warriors, they have them selecting Span Forward/Center Bismick Buyombo, but judging the Warriors last few overseas draft picks, It wouldn't surprise me to see them stay in the states with this one. If that's the case, Morris would be my guy by all means necessary!

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