Friday, May 27, 2011

Giants Worst Nightmare Comes True

Wonder where that's sounds coming from? Check out our "Giants Hits" show, in which I talked a bit about Buster Posey and the injury and aftermath. It's currently playing right now, down on the right-side of the page.

For some reason, It's not allowing me to post the link for the video here, so just scroll on down or click here to watch this and many more videos!

Here is a blurb from our Giants Baseball Blog as well talking about the situation:

"There just isn't much to say but when Scott Cousins collided with Buster, it was a "WOW, the Giants' best player's leg just practically snapped!", reaction from me. Then the severity of the injury started to sink in as he lie there (you know it's bad when the opposing player sticks around). I mean, look at it, I didn't want to post the picture at first, but this is the last of Posey we'll in 2011, going out like a champ and putting his body on the line in effort to save the game for his team. It was a clean play by baseball standards though, and Cousins feels horrible about it, tearing up in an interview. It seemed too surreal to be happening, such a weird baseball injury and it happens to the last guy in the world it can, if your a Giants fan. He was the last guy on that roster they could afford to lose and they've lost him. Even a Tim Lincecum season-ender wouldn't bring the daily impact that losing Posey will, so if you think losing Lincecum for the season would be worse, your wrong (everyone knock on wood). The Giants clear strength is their pitching, so much so that they have a guy getting paid $18M on the DL because they're simply too deep with starters. They needed every single bat they could afford to get, and some. Pablo Sandoval's injury was a big set-back, but he's coming back in a few weeks....."

For the rest, click go to The Giants Baseball Blog

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