Friday, May 13, 2011

49ers Post Mock Draft

Today we're going to do sort of a double post in one. With the 49ers post-mock draft, I'll re-do the 49ers draft the way I would have done it if I were the Baalke/Harbough combo in the war room, also coming with a small description of the player next to the pick.

49ers Re-Draft Mock

Rnd. 1
: Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri: At first I wanted Prince or even Gabbart (until the Kaepernick pick), but ultimately, I do think he'll make an immediate impact at the place the 49ers were the weakest at, and that was getting after the passer. I liked Prince, but Smith has 10+ sack potential which nobody else on the roster really has.

Rnd. 2
: Colin Kaepernick, QB, Neveda: Again, after Dalton went, it was apparent the 49ers were going to leap for Kaepernick and he's got huge potential. A lot of NFL people feel he's better suited for the NFL than #1 pick Cam Newton.

Rnd. 3: Johnny Patrick, CB, Louisville: Way more NFL ready than Culliver and more of a certainty. Could have come in and competed immediately for starting time while Culliver still needs a position and they probably could have gotten him 2 rounds later.

Rnd. 4: Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh: I liked the Hunter pick too, I just think Lewis is a tad more versatile and usable in the passing game, and could be used as more of and every-down back should something happen to Gore. A lot of people compare him to Brian Westbrook who's a perfect fit for the WC Offense.

Rnd. 5: Dwayne Harris, WR, ECU: He may not be the biggest or fastest at 6', 200 pounds, but look at the production he put up for the Pirates against some pretty good football teams. 184 catches and 2,000+ yards during the '09-'10 seasons. That's production, especially in an NCAA 12-13 game seasons! Linebacker Quan Sturdivant (projected 2nd-3rd rounder), who's value plummeted for off-field issues I'm assuming, would have also been intriguing with his potential, mixing in with Navarro Bowman and Takeo Spikes alongside Pat Willis inside in the Niners 3-4.

Rnd. 6: Ronald Johnson, WR, USC: He could have been a nice guy to bring in to compete with Harris for that slot position, as I thought he was a great value pick in the 6th.

Rnd. 7: (#1) Cliff Mathews, DE/OLB, SC: Who knows, he could have beefed up and learned behind Justin Smith, as he's got that same kind of motor from the DE spot, just a little slim. He's 6'4" though and at 265, so if he added 15-25 pounds, which is doable, He could definitely play end. Or he slims down and is another pass-rushing option at OLB.

Rnd. 7: (#2) Lee Ziemba, T, Auburn: I would have taken him just based on his size and potential. He's a physical specimen at 6'8" and 320 pounds as he would have been their O-Line project with upside for Coach Tomsula to work with. Was also rated by PFL as a 90th best prospect in draft.

Rnd 7: (#3) Joe Lefeged, SS, Rutgers: The un-drafted safety was probably more surprised than anyone they didn't get their name called during the draft. He was a projected middle round pick and would have come in and competed for time in a thin secondary for the 49ers.
Up Next: We'll take a step away from football before jumping back into the Raiders draft, which really was a non-event.

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