Monday, April 18, 2011

NFL Lockout Talk/New Bay Area Sports Radio

Well, we've made it a point not to discuss the boring business aspects of the NFL labor talks that have transpired over the last 2 months, and there could be some big news regarding the likelihood of there being a 2011 NFL season.

Judge Susan Richard Nelson is overlooking the mediation between the two sides (players association and owners) and the players have put in a request to halt the lockout. Now, that sounds all good right? Unfortunately though, that's not the case. Whatever decision Judge Nelson makes will undoubtedly be appealed, which could throw yet another delay into the kickoff to the 2011 NFL season. I was really hoping this thing would get squared away by draft time, but even when news appears to be good, it just leads to more questions. It looks like this thing will surely leak into the summer months now, which would lead to a delay to starting training camp, which then results in kickoff being pushed into October or November. Eventually it will get to the point where the NFL season would have to start around the new year, thus leading to a full cancellation of the season. Since I've been a sports fan, I've only had to endure one strike which stopped me from watching the sports I love, and that was the 1994 MLB strike. At first, I'll admit, I wasn't the least bit worried about the NFL for 2011 and again, figured there'd be a new labor agreement by April. However, experts close to the league expected this thing to carry on, and unfortunately, there isn't yet a light at the end of the tunnel.

"All-Sports" 95.7 FM Radio Station Opens Bay Area

Here in the Bay Area, a new sports radio station has launched on the FM dial at 95.7. I'm a huge KNBR guy, and rarely even tune over to the Ticket 1050, so I haven't yet had a chance to listen to all of what 95.7 has to offer, but the concept is long over due. Finally the A's, Sharks, and I'm assuming eventually the Raiders fans have themselves a home, where they can here talk about there teams, rather than the Giants/49ers/Warriors banter you'll here on 680. Not only does this give them a broadcast platform, but it clears up the roles in bay area sports radio. Now, as I said, KNBR gets to put all there focus into the teams they actually want to, rather than being obligated to discuss the A's, Raiders or Sharks on a semi-consistent basis. That leaves 1050 to be a neutral station, discussing whatever big is happening in the Bay Area, or on a larger scale, and 95.7 to focus on the Oakland teams like KNBR does the San Francisco franchises. Now, whether or not "All-Sports 95.7" can execute that remains to be seen, but if they want to stick around, that's the role I'd like to see them take on... Also, I'm very curious to see who does there afternoon shows. I only listened to it once Monday night around 9:30 and got Todd Wright's ESPN radio syndicate. I have no idea if he's still in radio or not, but I'd love to hear Larry Kruegar back on Bay Area sports radio.

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