Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Eve of the 2011 NFL Draft: BASJ Mock Pt. 3

Well folks, even though the darn NFL brain-trust and players still can't get on the same page and the lockout will carry into May, we still have a draft happening this very weekend at the fabulous Radio City Music Hall in New York. My favorite part of the football offseason and I can barely write about it due to an bum right hand (typing this with one hand and one finger, so bare with me).

We also need to do our final phase of our BASJ Mock Drafts with picks 21-32. Due to a bad injury to my hand, I will have to cut the mock draft way short and eliminate most of the player analysis I gave in previous installments. So here we go for picks 21-32 (again, we do these without anticipating trades)

21.) Kansas City Chiefs: Aaron Williams, FS, Tex.: One of the better all-around DB's in the draft would be a great add to KC's defensive backfield.

22.) Indianapolis Colts: Corey Liuget, DT, Ill.: Solid DT would bring stability to a weak run defense, and the Colts certainly don't need any offense.

23.) Philadelphia Eagles: Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue: The Seahwaks need some help all over, but Kerrigan is a bright pass-rushing prospect (25 sacks in last 2 seasons), just needs to add 15-20 pounds.

24.) New Orleans Saints: Nate Solder, T, Col.: The monstrous tackle could help NO's run game, or they could package him for a back.

25.) Seattle Seahawks:
Muhammad Wilkerson, DE, Tem.: Big, imposing D-End would bring tenacity that the Seattle D needs, just look at his tape.

26.) Baltimore Ravens:
Derek Sherrod, T, Miss. St.: Ravens need a D-End, but may need to settle for a big tackle. Worked well for them with Oher.

27.) Atlanta Falcons: Danny Watkins, G, Bay: Probably a top-20 talent, would be a nice add to Atlanta's O-Line.

28.) New England Patriots: Lance Kendricks, TE, Wis.: A very good pass-catching TE threat had 663 yards and 5 TD in a run-heavy Wisconsin offense so imagine what Brady could do with him?

29.) Chicago Bears:
Randall Cobb, WR, UK: He doesn't have the prototypical wideout size, but reminds me of Marvin Harrison, and had a huge 2010 junior year (84 catches, 1,000+ yds, 7 TD). 2011's Mike Wallace! (Pictured)

30.) New York Jets: Justin Houston, LB, Hou.: Bulky outside linebacker can move up to the line on passing downs and has all kinds of talent and versatility!

31.) Pittsburgh Steelers: Kyle Rudolph, TE, ND: PFW's top rated tight-end fits the Steeler mentality perfectly, good run blocker, tough and clutch.

32.) Green Bay Packers: Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA: The uber-athletic backer probably won't be the most skilled LB available, but has as much raw talent as any in the draft.


We'll do our best to bring some more 49ers and Raiders Pre-Draft Coverage tomorrow, but again guys, my hand is in bad shape and I won't be able to do too much extra. There is a lot of talk going on in the Niner war room that a trade down could be in the works, which makes more and more sense being that their top choice, Pat Peterson, will be gone in the top-3. The could still get a top-10 corner in Prince Amukamara if they decide to trade back with the Redskins or Texans. Or they could have their eye on someone completely different. Either way, we finally get to see Jim Harbough in action for the first time as 49ers head coach, and this decision (much like Mike Nolan's selection of Alex Smith) could define his time here!

Again, scroll on back tomorrow for in-depth Raiders and 49ers pick news, even if my hand is falling off!

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