Friday, March 25, 2011

Niners looking into QB Marc Bulger

As all sports fans know, the NFL is in the middle of a lockout and until they come out of it, there won't be any action on the player movement front. However, the 49ers are still staying active in their search for a starting QB for the 2011 season.

I have made it no secret that my top choice for the 49ers QB for 2011 is Kevin Kolb from Philly, and if the Niners could get him without having to part with their first round pick, then I'd jump all over it. There just won't be many options on the FA market, once it does start up, and that reason alone will make Kolb a target for many teams other than San Fran though. California native Carson Palmer is also asking for a deal, though the Bengals probably won't oblige, and it's doubtful the 49ers would want the burden of his deal. I just hope that his availability takes some of the interest off of Kolb. Apparently, they have had some talks with free agent Marc Bulger, the former Ram pro-bowler who hasn't had a successful season since 2006. I don't really get the interest here, unless it would be as a backup QB, which is likely the case. Otherwise, if the Niners are intent on adding a veteran on a 1-2 year deal to start for them, I'd much rather get someone like Matt Hasselbech or Donovan McNabb, even Alex Smith over Vince Young. I just don't think Harbough is really sold on any of the QB's in this draft, and he would know them as well as anyone, having coached in the Pac-10 the last few years.

Outside of Blaine Gabbart, there really isn't a top-10 worth QB in this draft, and I'm not even 100% sold on Gabbart like I am some of the defensive players in this draft like Von Miller, Patrick Peterson or Da'Quan Bowers. Like Kolb is the first choice at QB, Peterson would be the optimum choice IMO to fall to the 49ers at 7, though Von Miller wouldn't be a bad 2nd option. Jake Locker is somewhat intriguing if the Niners were to trade back, or if he floats into the 2nd round, but he never fully lived up to his potential with the Huskies. With the QB-thin draft though, I don't think he'll last into the 2nd round, and there are just too many good defenders at the top of the board for the Niners to pass up. So unless they're blown away with a trade offer, I just don't see it happening. The 49ers don't need the extra picks right now, they need to get a top-10 player onto their roster, and they really should take the best player available at 7, which will not be a quarterback. I also doubt they take another wide receiver either, so that would likely rule out Julio Jones, though it would be interesting to see what they'd do if A.J. Green falls to them. Therefore, I see it more and more likely that the 49ers end up signing their starting quarterback. If that's the case, as far as the current scheduled FA's go, I'd line them up like this in regards to priorities.

1- Donovan McNabb (despite bad 2010 season, Niners would be a playoff team with him in tow with this offense)
2- Alex Smith (Young may be a little more athletic, but Smith knows this offense, could be something with Harbough)
3- Vince Young (done enough the past 2 seasons to earn starting gig with some strong running team)
4- Matt Hasselbeck (Would really be last resort, but better than the Bulger's and Pennington's)
5- It wouldn't really matter at this point...


Niner Bob said...

If the 49ers got both Kolb and Pat Peterson, I'd be like a kid in a candy store.

NFC West Champs, guaranteed!

Trevor Cole said...

Getting Kolb will be tough... I have a feeling it's going to come down to Alex Smith or some veteran like Hasselbeck or maybe even Vince Young...

They all have their strong points and their weak points. Smith actually had the best statistical season of the 3, just doesn't win those close games and I'm not sure Niner fans would put up with another sub-par year from #11. Hasselbeck is clearly the best leader and most proven winner, but he's 36 and hasn't been too impressive the last 2 seasons, battling injury (he also had no WR to throw to though). Young is coming off arguably his best season (albeit a short one) last year and may have the most upside, but is volitale and streaky, but for some odd reason, I see him thriving in San Fran under Harbough and with the strong running game/west coast offense style. Almost reminds me of Steve Young early in Youngs career, coming off a rough start to his career but with all the athletic ability in the world.