Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giants World Champs, San Francisco Celebrates

The moment in which Giants fan all over the world had patiently waited 52 years for has finally arrived. The Giants defeated the Texas Rangers 3-1 Monday night to clinch the World Series and bring the trophy to San Francisco for the 1st time in franchise history.
Like always, we save most of our Giants talk for our partner site over at The Giants Baseball Blog, so definitely check it out for our full World Series coverage and reaction. Here is part of our most recent post, capping off the Giants World Series win and discussing the first ticker-tape parade this City has got to host because of baseball. So here's a brief look:

The City of San Francisco and every Giants fan across the globe got a chance to Celebrate with the team on Wednesday, as the Giants returned to San Francisco and celebrated their first ever World Series tittle with a ticker tape Parade through the city.

"It was certainly a spectacle, as tens of thousands (possibly even hundreds) flooded the streets of San Francisco to watch the 2010 Champs stroll through downtown on Cable cars with parade tape reigning down from above! It was a fitting way to end what was a memorable run by the Giants here in 2010, and I think I speak for all Giants fans when I say, I could really get used to this. The feeling is still sort of sinking in for me, but I've had this perma-smile on my face ever since Brian Wilson struck out Nelson Cruz with that nasty cutter in on the hands. The Giants outplayed every team they faced in the playoffs, and they absolutely deserved the trophy. As most players made a point of saying in the post-series interview, this Giants' ballclub really was the definition of a professional "team". They played well together, they pulled for each other, there were no ego's involved and everybody had one goal in mind...."

For the rest of the story, click here!

On Tap @ BASJ
: With the Giants celebration winding up, we'll get right back into our normal routine here at the BASJ. The 49ers had a nice win over Denver on Sunday in their first game with Troy Smith under center. Also, the Raiders have caught fire over the last few weeks, and there's a lot to discuss there. Not too mention, the Stanford Cardinal football team, led by Andrew Luck, is playing well and oh yeah, the Golden State Warriors season is now underway, and the Warriors look pretty good.... So yes, there is plenty to catch-up on sports wise here in the Bay Area, and be sure to check back in this weekend as we begin to tackle all of it!

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