Monday, November 29, 2010

Battle For Draft Position on Monday Night

The Niners and the Cardinals square off Monday night on national television in a game that probably will net MNF's lowest TV audience of the 2010 season, but could have some implications on the 2011 NFL draft.

The game tonight won't dictate any playoff positioning, as both of these teams would need miracles at this point to sneak into the playoffs, but could have a say in who picks higher in April's draft. I never say I root for the Niners to loose, but in this case, winning would only hurt their draft position... Troy Smith will get the starting nod again, and I'm very curious to see how he does this week, after crapping his pants vs. the Bucs last Sunday. Smith has looked very good, like he did vs. the Rams and Broncos, or really bad like he did vs. the Bucs, and I think we'll get the real Troy Smith vs. the Cardinals. They aren't a power-house defense, but they're better than people give them credit for, they've just been overshadowed by a horrendous offense. They aren't a top-D like the Bucs, or a crummy one like Denver's and the Ram's, they're kind of in-between, kind of league average. If Smith can go off against them, I'm sure he'd get some of those supporters back that he lost last week, I just hope the Niners know it's clear that they don't have a future starting NFL QB on this roster right now, no matter how well Troy Smith looks Monday night, or the rest of the season.

Check back after the game for some post-game notes and reaction!

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