Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Post-Trade Deadline Analysis

The MLB trade deadline has passed, and although it was a relatively quiet July 31st, there were plenty of moves that took place leaving a few big names playing in new cities.

Arguably the biggest deal prior to the deadline was the Roy Oswalt to Philly deal, in which the Phillies, for a second year in a row, land a front line starting pitcher prior to the trade-deadline.

Biggest Winners @ the Deadline:

Texas Rangers
: The Rangers made a few big moves, and really did a partial mid-season makeover on their roster. In June, they added Bengie Molina to help solidify their troubles behind the plate, then followed that move up with an active July, by adding Cliff Lee and Mark Lowe from Seattle, Jorge Cantu from the Marlins and Christian Guzman from Washington. Lee gives the Rangers a true ace at the top of their rotation, finally, and takes some pressure off Rich Harden and CJ Wilson while Cantu helps make up for the loss of Justin Smoak (traded to Seattle in the Cliff Lee deal) at first. Guzman brings some versatility and veteran presence to the bench and provides a fill-in for the injured Ian Kinsler.

New York Yankees:
They added two potential starting bats, and a potential closer/set-up man and didn't have to give up squat. Say what you want about Lance Berkman, but I think he's going to go to NY and thrive. I also believe Kerry Wood will level out in NY after really struggling in Cleveland. I also like the depth Austin Kearns provides them in the outfield. They needed another right-handed hitter out there and Kearns can be streaky good.

LA Angels: Even though they just made one move, it was a big one, and a move in which they won flat out. They got Dan Haren, a staff ace and a perennial Cy Young candidate and all they had to do was part with a middle-of-the-rotation, lefty who had one above average year which I believe was a fluke.

Biggest LOSER-

Arizona Diamondbacks: I don't know why the D-Backs felt it necessary to just give away a load of their "core" players without getting nearly as much value in return. Before July 31st, they lost closer Chad Qualls, ace Dan Haren, starter Edwin Jackson and catcher Chris Snyder. The only guys that got back who will help them in the immediate future are Joe Saunders and Ryan Church, neither of whom are very good, and they didn't even get any top prospects in any of the deals either.

Outside of the D-Backs, I don't think there were really any other teams that I'd consider losers. I almost have to put the Dodgers on there because they made a flurry of deals, but at the end of the day, I don't think they were really much better off than they were before they made the trades for Scott Podsednik and Ted Lilly. Locally, some Giants' fans considered them losers after Brian Sabean failed to add anymore offense to the team, but he did go out and add some much needed depth to the bullpen, even if he did overpay in order to get it (I still think Joe Martinez and Jon Bowker is too much to give Pittsburgh for a left-handed specialist). Although they didn't add any bats before non-waiver deadline, teams can still make trades with one another as players go through waivers. The biggest name expected to be dealt by Saturday's deadline but wasn't was the first big name actually placed on waivers on Tuesday, as the Nats did so with 1B/OF Adam Dunn. Since Dunn is an NL player, the Giants may actually have a legit shot at getting in a waiver claim on him, that's if the Dodgers or Rockies don't try and block them from doing so. Read more on the Adam Dunn waiver situation here at The Giants Baseball Blog.

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