Tuesday, May 11, 2010

49ers Locking Up Their Core

A week after they looked up the central figure of their defense, star linebacker Patrick Willis, the Niners are looking to do the same with arguably their most talented offensive player.

The 49ers and Pro-Bowl linebacker Vernon Davis are apparently discussing a contract extension that would keep him in San Francisco for another 5 seasons after this one, and pay him upwards of $40 million, $25 million of which would be guaranteed. Davis is coming off a breakout season in which he caught 78 passes, 13 of which found paydirt, which earned him his first trip to the Pro-Bowl. A lot of people are a little skeptical of shelling out the big dough to Davis after just one big season, but you can tell if you've watched him throughout his career in San Francisco that he was improving each year and is a good candidate to stay productive throughout the course of that contract. Going forward, the Niners passing attack looks like it will be centered around Davis and Michael Crabtree, and those are two young up and coming players that will be in San Francisco for the next 4-5 years. Crabtree already signed his big deal, as I'm sure most people remember, as it cost him a handful of regular season games in order to get the deal done. I just hope they can hammer this thing out before training camp opens up in July, as I'd hate to see any kind of situation that would have to do with Davis holding out.

The Niners have really been busy this offseason as they feel they're on the verge of becoming a playoff team, and a good offseason this year could vault them onto that level. Their most recent addition was cornerback William James, who the Niners signed to a one year deal on Wednesday. James will likely fill the role that Dre Bly had last year after the Niners let him walk earlier in the offseason. The Niners haven't really signed any big-time starting players who will come in and impact the team single-handily, although Ted Ginn could come in and play heavily into the passing game, but they are adding small pieces here and there that are filling holes. I never got much of a chance to talk about Ted Ginn Jr. as he was added while we were really focused on the draft, but he's been the biggest add of the offseason thus far for the Niners, not including draft picks of course. Ginn looked like he was ready to take flight after a solid sophomore year in 2008 in which he caught 56 balls for 780 yards, but then took a step backwards last season. He'll enter the year as the favorite for the slot spot for the Niners, or essentially the 3rd receiver spot behind Crabtree and Josh Morgan, but could overtake Morgan's spot as a starter if he gets it going. Remember, it wasn't too long ago when he was taken at the top of the first round by Miami. At worst, he'll be a big help in the Niners return game where they were subject to using tight-end Delanie Walker there on occasion last year.

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Vincent Douglas Gregory said...

That would be a smart move to lock up the young talent. I like the 49ers draft. They got some O-linemen hopefully this will help the O-line. Then Tayor Mays was a good pick. You need a guy like that for the last line of defense. I'm like you on Ted Ginn Jr. I don't know much about his game. I do know he ran a few kicks back and he was a beast in college at OSU.