Thursday, April 29, 2010

49ers Draft Review

I know it's been a few days since the NFL draft ended, but I've had some terrible computer issues that have kept me from posting since my last post on Friday. There is plenty to talk about for both teams though, as both had what most NFL people considered solid overall drafts.

We already talked about what the Niners did with their first 3 picks of the draft in our last post here. They grabbed the two big offensive lineman, Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati in the first, then went defense with their 2nd and 3rd rounders, getting a couple of potential first round guys in USC strong safety Taylor Mays (2nd round) and then lucked out when Penn State star linebacker Navarro Bowman fell to them in the 3rd round. Bowman was picked by many draft experts, including Mel Kuiper, to go in the first round, so any time a team can grab 4 guys who were projected out to be first rounders in a single draft, I'd say they definitely had a good all around weekend. The only real concern with Bowman and likely the reason why he fell to the third round are a few off-field issues that he ran into during his time at Penn State. Bowman and Mays both have some small on-field question marks coming with them though too. Mays has questions about his ball instincts, and Bowman needs to improve on his explosiveness and drive through in tackling ball-carriers as he's more of a chase down wrap-up guy at this point.

I'm not too familiar with the guys the Niners selected on day 3 of the draft, but I have read some positive feedback regarding the power running back they grabbed at the top of the 6th round, Anthony Dixon. The 235-pound back will enter camp with a chance to contribute on short yardage situations for the Niners. They also grabbed a respected blocking tight-end in Pitt's Nate Byham who tips the scales at around 275 and takes pride in his physicality. Still though, even if the guys they took late in the draft never set foot on the field at Candlestick Park, the first four players the Niners took are going to be what makes or breaks this draft for this club. Davis and Iupati are going to be thrown right into the fire as Coach Singletarry expects both guys to be on the Niners starting offensive line come kickoff 2010 in September. In adding the 2 lineman, the Niners have really made progress on their offseason needs. Just before the draft, they added Ted Ginn Jr. to alleviate their need to draft speed at the top of the draft and it allowed them to focus on on the o-line and defense. I'm still a little perplexed by the David Carr deal, but right now, things are looking up in Niner land heading into the summer.
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