Friday, January 15, 2010

BASJ'S NBA All-Star Selection Post

With the NBA season right at it's official halfway point, I thought now would be a good time to post our picks for both the Eastern and Western Conference rosters for next months NBA all-star game. So here is my un-biased view on how I think each conference's 15-man roster would break down if the game were to be played this weekend:

Western Conference Roster


PG: Steve Nash (Edges out Paul because he's played more, both having very similar years)
SG: Kobe Bryant (Pretty much a shoe in for this spot each year as continues figuring out different ways to beat you)
SF: Kevin Durant (Barely edges out Melo, but Durant is tremendous scorer and just keeps getting better)
PF: Dirk Nowitzki (Having another Dirk-type year, 25/8/3 per night with solid 3-pt shooting)
C: Tim Duncan (In order to start the best 5, they'll have to play Duncan at center, another 20/10 year from Duncan)


G Chris Paul-NO (Having another MVP type season, but has missed a few games)
F Carmelo Anthony-Den.(Melo's on pace for a career year, Leads NBA in scoring)
G/F Brandon Roye-Por. (Keeps getting better each year, very Lebron-esque)
F/C Carlos Boozer-Uta. (Healthy and averaging a double-double with 19/10.5)
F/C Zach Randolph-Mem. (Underrated big is a consistent double-double, 20/11)
G Monta Ellis-GS (Ellis stepping up big time, career year and a leader for Warriors)
G Deron Williams-Uta (Another underrated, doing his best CP3 impression in Utah)
F/C Amare Stoudemire-Pho. (Not having his best year, but still at 21 and 9)
F Rudy Gay-Mem (Very solid all-around player can score, rebound and defend)
G Baron Davis-LAC (Having nice rebound year, leading to Clips back to relevance)

Eastern Conference


PG Dwayne Wade (More suited for 2, but east lacks a true point worthy of starting)
SG Joe Johnson (Quietly has become one of the NBA's best all-around talents)
SF LeBron James (Mr. Amazing might be in his last AS game as a Cav, carries the Eastern Conference)
PF Chris Bosh (Putting up career year with 24 and 11, top PF in game right now in my opinion)
C Dwight Howard (Isn't having his best scoring season, but still dominating in every sense of the term)


C Brook Lopez-NJ (Former Stanford great having breakout year for NJ)
PF/C David Lee-NY (Rare talent that plays about 6 inches bigger than his size)
G/F Andre Iguodala-Phi (Very good player that hasn't reached potential)
G/F Paul Pierce-Bos (Having another typical Paul Pierce season, 18/5/4)
G Rajon Rondo-Bos (Stepping up his assists and scoring this year for Boston)
F Gerald Wallace-Cha (The super-athletic Wallace is having a huge year)
G Derrick Rose-Chi (Started slowly, but 20 ppg and 7 apg last month)
F Antwan Jamison-Was (Big scorer and rebounder doing both well again)
G Stephen Jackson-Cha (Averaging 21 ppg, 5 rpg and 1.5 spg since trade)
F Danny Granger-Ind (One of best 3-point shooters in league scoring 25 ppg)

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semmler22 said...

this is good, theres a several people who dont belong but youve got the best of the best in there. Not sure why Durant is over Melo tho. I feel like the league's leading scorer should b a starter in the All-star game.