Thursday, July 9, 2009

Niners Making Stadium Issue Difficult

The San Francisco 49ers, or at least their owner Jed York, want to move out of the city!

Instead of trying to work with Mayor Gavin Newsome on a new stadium deal in San Francisco, York has the 49ers exploring options in Santa Clara, which continues to make extremely little sense to me. Why on earth would you want to move a franchise out of one of the better economical cities in the world, and move them to the South Bay. It make make a little more sense if they were wanting to move to San Jose, although it still irk the people of San Francisco. Newsome was recently on a Giants Chroicle live following a recent game, and discussed the frusterating situation he's currently in with the Niners. Now, Newsome doesn't want to lose the 49ers on his watch as mayor of San Francisco, so you know he's doing everything in his power to help steer the Niners and the York's focus back to San Francisco. (49ers' stadium plan pictured to left)

Apparently the Yorks feel that all stadium options for San Francisco have been exhausted, and the only remaining option at keeping the team in Northern California would be a move to the south bay. Newsome, however, is denying the fact that the stadium plans for San Francisco have deteriorated, and is calling the York's plan to move out of the City "a move for a new beggining" and believes their move has nothing to do with San Francisco's trouble funding a stadium, and more to do with their desire for a fresh start with the franchise. It's moments like these that make me long for the days when Eddie Debartolo was running the 49ers. Do you think he would allow "this move to the South Bay" if he were still at the helm for the Niners??? I don't think so!

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