Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warriors Not Done Dealing

The Warriors have wasted no time this off season making moves. The first move was shipping out overpriced Jamal Crawford to Atlanta for two point guards A.C. Law and Speedy Claxton. With C.J. Watson as an unrestricted free agent, it's unlikely he will be back. The good news is the Warriors will avoid paying Crawford over $19 million over the next two seasons, as Law and Claxton are signed for under $8 million this season and the Warriors can cut ties once the 2009-10 season is through.

By taking Stephon Curry, the Warriors gained a bargaining chip more so than a player they intend to implement into the rotation. The Warriors knew the Knicks had their eye on Curry, which is why the Knicks took Arizona big man Jordan Hill, hoping to entice the Warriors front office. The Warriors, who could have selected Hill, took Curry which intentions of creating some bidding competition for the Knicks. There are plenty of teams out there that need a sharp shooting guard like Curry. The Warriors get Hill, or an equivalent big, and another player, or at least some cash. The Warriors hold all the power in this negotiation.

The Knicks deserve to get blocked by the Warriors after dealing that bum Crawford out to Oakland. The acquisition of Curry and the Crawford trade have made for an eventful draft. Expect things to get more eventful as the off season progresses...

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