Thursday, June 18, 2009

Draft Prospects Part 2

Last post we took a look at some guys who are projected to go towards the top of the first round, and guys the Warriors will likely only be able to get if they want to trade up. Today, we'll look at some guys who should be available to the Warriors if they do stay put at 7, or possibly trade back in the draft a few picks.

Jordan Hill, PF, Arizona: Hill had a big year last year as a Junior, though he didn't necessarily show his best in the NCAA Tournament. He averaged 18.3 ppg and 11 rpg and showed his tremendous upside by improving in each of his 3 years at Arizona. I think the Warriors would be ecstatic if he fell to them at 7, as most people have him as a top-5 pick. He's got tremendous athletic ability and has the size to bang around in the paint. He's can shoot the mid-range shot and he can score on the block when he's on, though he can be a little inconsistent at times. A front-line of Biedrins-Hill-Randolph in the future looks pretty darn good in it's own right though.
-Hill Video, Working With Warriors

Brandon Jennings, PG, Italy: Jennings has a lot of ability and he's one of the guys who can come in and help a team out right away, which is very intriguing. He wasn't overly impressive in Italy last season, but that shouldn't really hurt his draft status, which is guaranteed top-10. He's got good toughness on the defensive end and the quickness to keep up with practically anyone. He's also got a confidence he carries on the court that could be looked at as being cocky at times, but he backs it up. He'd be a nice selection at 7, and I think I'd lean towards him over Curry and Flynn, but that's just my opinion.
-Jennings Highlight Video

Jonny Flynn, PG, Syracuse: Flinn is another pure, all-around guard like Rubio, although Flinn doesn't have the size or quite the ability as the the phenom from Italy. Undersized point guards with enough talent have done pretty well over the years in the NBA though, and Flynn has more than enough talent. He's listed at 6' but is probably closer to 5'10", but he can run and offense and has excellent ball control, and he's a natural leader on the floor. Flinn averaged 17.4 points and 6.7 assists per game last year for Syracuse. I'd lean towards Jennings if the Warriors had their choice, and I think they would as well.
-Flynn Highlight Video

DuJuan Blair, PF, Pittsburgh: When I look at Blair, I can't help but think of big Robert "Tractor" Traylor from Michigan in the late 90's. However, Blair is much more active than Traylor was. The 6'7", 275 pounder is a little undersized, heighth wise, but a little overs-sized, weight wise, for hte power forward position. compares him to Paul Milsap, and I think that's a fair comparison. He can move without the ball, and was one of the best rebounders in college, averaging about 12 and a half boards per night (5.6 of which came on offense), along with 16 points. Showed his value in the Tourney, putting up a double-double each night, including a 27 point- 16 board performance vs. East Tennessee and a 20-10 night vs. Xavier. A guy the Warriors could trade back 5 picks and still probably grab if they want him.
-Blair Highlight Video

Jrue Holiday, PG, UCLA: Holiday's agent refused to set-up a work-out with the Warriors, so it doesn't appear that the Warriors would go this route, but it's still very much a possibility. At 6'4", he's taller and has more wingspan than your average NBA point guard, which gives him an advantage. Holiday actually makes a lot of sense as he's combo-guard that can play with Monta Ellis in the back-court, and doesn't need to handle the ball all the time. He's got what you look for in a point guard, and some, but he's still very young and is coming off of a inconsistent freshman year (averaging just 8.5 ppg and 3.7 apg). Still, talent-wise, there's probably not another point guard with the upside that Holiday has, outside of Ricky Rubio, though it may take a few years for him to fully develop it.
-Holiday Highlight Video

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